Discovery Door


Behind every Great Door is Discovery

Interior and exterior doors say a great deal about a company’s personality and mission. Therefore, it’s important to our professionals at Discovery Door to help our clients select the style, design and quality that best fits individual needs. With our headquarters in Sacramento, we are ideally located to access the best commercial door design resources and materials in California and beyond. We’ve developed this network over many years of establishing a strong reputation among general contractors and architects who know that Discovery Door delivers on our promises. Our commitment is to provide these resources to our clients so that interior and exterior doors deliver the right message and serve the right purpose.

Our Solid Commitment to Customers

As professionals serving commercial builders and property owners we know how critical it is to be on time with the delivery and installation of doors, door frames and hardware. In the construction phase of building time is indeed, money, and Discovery Door respects the investment our clients make in their projects. Whether new construction, remodel or renovation, our door design experts and experienced door installers help clients stay on time and within budget. We offer LEED certified products as well as conventional hollow metal doors, Timely Prefinished Steel frames, pressed metal frames and anodized aluminum frames, among other products. From commercial restroom accessories and restroom partitions, we keep up with you every step of the way - sales, installation, service and maintenance.

Opening Doors to the Future

Along with traditional door hardware, architectural wood doors, metal doors and metal frames, and door installation, Discovery Door is pleased to be on the leading edge of new technologies. We are experienced in working with customers employing security technologies such as biometrics, keypads, scanning devices and other interfaces. Now, we add to this forward looking menu of services a full line of LEED certified products. Discovery Door always has an eye on the future while keeping pace with new innovations.
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